America was built by hard work – from early settlers to the railroads and today’s skyscrapers. Bloody battles were fought in the streets so that workers could unionize and protect themselves from bosses who took advantage of workers by employing workers, including children, in low paying sweatshops.  The US government legislated against child labor, established a minimum wage, required overtime, and continues, to this day, to legislate protections for the American workforce.  If your boss is cheating you, you can stand up for your rights. EVERY WORKER is entitled to be paid properly, whether he is an American citizen, resident alien, or undocumented worker.

Contact the Law Office of Raymond Nardo, an attorney with more than 30  years of experience. He has filed cases on behalf of workers and employees in nearly every industry.  Mr. Nardo  has been designated a Superlawyer, and his team will determine if you have a case and, if so, will seek to recover the money that your boss has cheated you out of.  There is no fee for a consultation.  And there is no fee unless you recover an award.

Realize that all cases have a statute of limitations. The sooner you talk to Mr. Nardo, the better. Don’t let your boss steal your money.  Don’t let your boss get away with it.

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